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Podded Propulsion Training


Course Info

Course Description

The Podded Propulsion training course covers all technical aspects of a podded system, from a tractor tug fitted with azimuth thrusters to a passenger ship fitted with Azi Pods.

The two-day course consists of one day of tuition followed by a day on the ship manoeuvring simulator


No prerequisites required.

Class Limitations

The Class Size is limited to 4 persons.


The course will be delivered by experienced lecturers at MaritimeMT.


MaritimeMT will issue a Certificate of Attendance on the merit of 100% attendance.

Course Structure

1. Conventional Propulsion Systems.

  • Diesel-Mechanical Propulsion System
  • Diesel-Electrical Propulsion System

2. Introduction to Thruster as a means of propulsion.

  • Thruster Construction – General

3. Introduction to Pod Propulsion

  • Manufacturers of Pods.
  • What is Azi Pod?

4. Electrical Overview in Pod Propulsion.

  • General.
  • Transformers
  • Frequency Converters
  • Electric Motors used in Pod Propulsion

5. Azi Pod Technical Features

  • Construction – Layout
  • Electrical Motor
  • Steering Gear
  • Shaft Line Bearing Arrangements
  • Shaft Water Seal
  • Shaft Line Lube Oil Arrangement
  • Shaft Brake Arrangement
  • Cooling Arrangement for the Propeller Motor
  • Ship System Interface

6. The Manual / Remote Control System.

  • General Layout.
  • Steering Angle Convention.
  • Transfer of Command.
  • Back-up Systems.
  • Intelligent Bridge Control Interface.

7. Propulsion Condition Management System.

  • General
  • Shaft Bearing Monitoring
  • Propulsion System Monitoring
  • Nautical Data Interface

8. Azi Pod Propulsion

  • Advantages over Conventional Propulsion

9. Other Unconventional Propulsion Systems
10. Discussion