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VHF – Short Range Communications

Course Info

Duration 12 hours
Accreditation by Transport Malta - Merchant Shipping Directorate

Course Description

Radio-communications certificate of operators – Specifications of minimum standard of knowledge, understanding and proficiency for RT (VHF only) Operators (S.L. 399.35)

 Learning Objectives

  • On completion of this course, the trainee shall be familiar with GMDSS procedures, standard communication practices and the way messages are communicated via VHF sets.
  • Be knowledgeable about GMDSS equipment.
  • Be well familiar with emergency communications.
  • Be familiar with the checks and tests to be carried out to GMDSS equipment.

Expected Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course, the candidates will have gained the necessary knowledge in the following topics:

  1. GMDSS equipment carried onboard and their use;
  2. Messages level of priority
  3. Frequency Bands & modes of modulation
  4. Components making a VHF
  5. Tests & checks
  6. Guidance on the use of VHF at Sea
  7. Distress Alerting
  8. Safety in Battery Compartments

Enrolment Standards

  • No enrolment pre-requisites apply for this training.

Upon positively fulfilling these requirements, participants will be issued with a Certificate of Attendance which is a pre-requisite to apply for the VHF SRC Certificate of Operators from the Authority of Transport in Malta.