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Full Mission Bridge Simulator 1

The Full Mission Bridge Simulator I is a state-of-the-art Det Norske Veritas (DNV)-certified Marin Industries Compact Manouvering Simulator (Mermaid 500) which is used for research, consultancy and training purposes.

The simulator has a fully equipped bridge, with Automated Radar Plotting Aid (ARPA), a complete ECDIS system, together with all the controls and instrumentation required to con a vessel, both in open waters and in the confined areas of a port.

The bridge has a 210° visual projected scenery, with additional rear view. Besides the Valletta and Marsaxlokk port areas, the software offers various simulation places, making it possible for pilots to train themselves in various new and different environments.

The simulator has the capability of generating and altering different environmental conditions, such as wind, current, rough seas, swell, poor visibility, rain, night or day, so as to test the individual capabilities of personnel.

Aimed at Pilots, Tug Masters, Ship Masters, Mooring Masters and DeckOfficers, MaritimeMT’s simulator offers training on ship handling techniques utilising different ship and tug models, including: Passenger Ships (Large & Very Large); Container Ships (Large & Very Large); Tankers (Small, Medium, Large and Very Large); Bulk Carrier (Medium Size); Car Carrier (Medium Size); and Tug Boats. Anchors and mooring lines can also be deployed, whilst machinery and instrument failure may also be simulated when training on emergency preparedness sessions.