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Ship Handling Simulator

Ship handling SimulatorThe Ship Handling Simulator (FMB 2) is the second state-of-the-art Compact Manouvering Simulator (Mermaid 500) at MaritimeMT. This full mission bridge simulator is designed to interact with the FMB 1 simulator. This integrated system will allow Maritime Pilots to carry out further specialised training such as interacting with tug masters and ship to ship operations.

Equipped with Automated Radar Plotting Aid (ARPA), a complete ECDIS system, and all the controls and instrumentation required to con a vessel both in open waters and in the confined areas of a port, FMB 2 uses the latest technology visual projectors, projecting a 210°, sharp and colourful projected scenery from less that 30 cm from the screen, with additional rear view.

This simulator has been highly lauded by various visiting passenger ship’s Masters who often visit the MaritimeMT training centre.

With a total investment of over €500,000 the FBM2 Simulator is being used for a Port Safety study for the ports of Valletta and Marsaxlokk. This safety study will define new limits of operations in the Maltese Ports, taking into consideration the development of new passenger and container ships, the infrastructure, predominant weather conditions, tug power and the human element.

Similar to FMB1, this simulator offers various ship models, including a drilling platform. Various other ports like the Port of Rotterdam, Firth of Forth and Humber were also added to the Simulated Ports Library.